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Radiant Motherhood (Group Program)


Embark on a Radiant Motherhood Journey

Do you desire to navigate motherhood with more trust, ease and joy?

Join my Group program, where you'll connect with other women on a path to thriving, fulfilled motherhood. Find your unique path of Motherhood which is aligned with your personality, values, and truth. Learn the tools that will enable you to thrive even in challenging times.

What This Journey Offers:

  • Deep Connection: A safe, nurturing space to regulate your nervous system through EFT tapping, helping you connect with yourself, your body, your inner wisdom, and your child(ren) deeper.

  • Stronger Bonds: Tools to enhance communication and strengthen bonds with your children and partner. A nurturing environment leads to more confident, resilient children and flourishing relationships.

  • Personal Growth: Learn body-balancing exercises, including pelvic floor connection, for overall well-being. Develop a positive relationship with your body and gain clarity on your desires and needs in motherhood.

  • Emotional Well-Being: Discover self-love and agency, find peace with your past, and create a clear vision for your motherhood and life. Share your struggles and find a supportive, judgment-free community.

  • Mind & Spirit Empowerment: Gain trust, calmness, and confidence in your mothering abilities. Learn to stay grounded and connected, even in stressful situations, by tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition.

  • Enhanced Relationships: Improve communication with your children and partner, and learn to express and receive love in meaningful ways. Grow and deepen your relationships within your family.

  • Community Support: Connect with a supportive community of women, where you can be yourself and share openly without fear of judgment.

Your Program Includes:

  • Monthly EFT Tapping Zoom Call (2 hours): Share, listen, witness and join a transformative journey with other women.

  • Monthly Inner Journey Call (2 hours): Engage in transformative practices that are simple to integrate into your daily life.

  • Weekly Pre-Recorded Tapping Sessions: Aligned with the current focus topic for ongoing support.

  • Monthly Guided Body Meditation or Exercise: Enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Embark on this transformative journey to a more joyful, connected, and fulfilled motherhood. Join me and transform not just your life, but also gift your children and family a legacy of love, calm, and resilience.

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