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I am honored to share these heartfelt testimonials from mothers and families who I have had the honor and privilege to support on their journey.

Testimonial describing Katrin's comprehensive emotional support as a Doula, highlighting her guidance through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, including breathing techniques, visualizations, birthing positions, feeding, and relationship counseling. Emphasizes the client's gained confidence for a positive home birth and the impactful role Katrin played in the journey, marked by her kindness, warmth, and expertise as a mother of four

Antonia O'Malley & Jagger

I found in a nutshell the most valuable aspect of Katrin´s work as a Doula was the comprehensive emotional support she provided me before, in the lead-up to, and after my baby's birth.

I knew close to nothing about pregnancy, and even less about childbirth and Katrin’s sessions pre-birth were so reassuring, calming, and encouraging - between teaching me breathing techniques to visualizations and birthing positions and then maybe, more importantly, preparing me for what was to come once I had a healthy baby in my arms - the postpartum period and helping me with feeding, self-care, and something I hadn’t considered- talking about the effects having a new baby may (and did) have on my relationship with my baby’s Father.

What stood out for me above all and what transformed both the later stages of my pregnancy and the whole birthing experience was the confidence Katrin helped me to find in me, that I could do it, that I could have a healthy, positive, smooth home birth without pain medication, that my body was made to do this and that it could be something beautiful and positive!

This is definitely the most important point of my feedback - Katrin was hands down the most important positive figure, presence, and guide in my pregnancy and I say that also on behalf of my partner - her kindness, warmth, and huge heart wrapped us up in a bubble of love and calm!

Katrin's experience as a Mum of 4 automatically gave us huge trust and feelings of safety in her care. She was always flexible and generous with her time and it was always very clear her passion for her role as Doula. I felt safe, strong, supported, and confident to express myself and what I wanted for my birthing experience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Client testimonial expressing the invaluable impact of Katrin's work as a Doula throughout pregnancy, emphasizing her holistic approach to the mind, body, and baby connection. Highlights include the significance of visualization techniques during pregnancy for creating calm, and self-empowerment tools that fostered belief in the body's birthing capabilities. Praises Katrin's passion, dedication, and empowering teachings, noting their profound effect on various aspects of life and the sharing of this wisdom with other expectant mothers

Lorna Evans & Boa

To be honest it’s hard to pinpoint what I deemed as most helpful or valuable because my feelings are that all Of Katrin's work as a Doula was THE MOST valuable part of my entire pregnancy! Literally all of it.

She opened a new perspective into how the mind, body, and baby are all interconnected and took me on my own emotional journey in the buildup to motherhood. One that I knew nothing about before. The work we did with visualizing moments when I felt overwhelmed during pregnancy made a profound difference in creating a calm inner world for my baby, the same as all the self-empowerment tools that made me believe in my body and that it was capable of birthing!

So recommend Katrin: EVERYTHING ABOUT HER! Her fierce passion for the work she does, her unwavering commitment and dedication to me and my daughter during my pregnancy, my birth, and postpartum, and the message of self-belief, empowerment, and vulnerability.

I learned from her have had a profound ripple effect on all almost all aspects of my life, including spreading her wisdom with other soon to be mammas!


Grace Steimli

Katrin as a Doula Katrin puts the whole focus of her heart into her work of walking with an expectant mama on her journey into motherhood.

She listens compassionately. She gives support with wisdom, experience, excellence, and intuitive understanding. She always values her client's perspectives and longings. She offers personal integrity and professional respectfulness.

She is able to give physical support with expertise and a deep understanding of the physiology of birth. She, at all times, honors her clients' wants and needs.

Katrin is able to give informational support, drawing from her vast and varied experience and ongoing research. She is able to help her clients find solutions according to their preferences. Her recommendations are tremendously helpful.

The emotional support Katrin offers is anchoring. She understands that birthing touches deep emotions. She stands alongside you, giving accurate encouragement. She is present, focused, and comforting.

To both parents, she offers genuine hope, gracious love, and amazing insight.

Katrin’s essence as a Doula is like a lighthouse. People have different concepts and images of a lighthouse. What I'm speaking of is a lighthouse that brings comfort and guidance in the dark night or storm. The lighthouse marks the entrance of a safe harbor; it also welcomes the voyagers home. In many respects, birth is like a voyage. There is a safe harbor and the satisfaction of beginning a family/home life, welcoming the baby home. The lighthouse pulsates in a predictable pattern continually throughout the night. In labor, rhythmic routine and ritual are some of the most powerful comfort measures we know. The lighthouse emanates light. Light is life. Katrin is like a lighthouse. She shines brightly with God's love and radiates hope. She shows the way with gentle consistency. She offers a safe place. She is there, standing fearlessly, peacefully.

Image of a pregnant woman practicing yoga, symbolizing health and inner peace, accompanied by a doula offering post-birth support, with a focus on a newborn's care and a mother's well-being, illustrating the journey of going within for strength and balance

Arianne & Rafael

I became pregnant just before the pandemic hit, and honestly, I felt overwhelmed. Unlike some women who seem born to be mothers, I struggled to connect with my body and understand my feelings. There were so many uncertainties - should I give birth in Mexico or the Netherlands? Should it be a home birth, even in our unfinished house?

Amidst all this confusion, I met Katrin. From the moment she walked through our door, my insecurities began to melt away. Her presence brought a sense of calm and empowerment, filling me with knowledge and love. Katrin has such a warm heart; she reassured me, helping me trust my inner wisdom and listen to my intuition.

Our first meeting left us in awe, and I’ll forever be grateful for having met her.

Having Katrin by my side throughout my journey into motherhood was a blessing. The birth of my son Rafa was nothing like I had planned – a turbulent 36-hour labor leading to an unexpected c-section. Katrin's support during this intense time was extraordinary. She was always there, yet unobtrusively so, offering gentle, kind, and empowering support. Her presence made a world of difference.

Even after Rafa's birth, Katrin continued to be a pillar of support. She helped me process the experience, work through my feelings of disappointment, and release any trauma. I am eternally grateful for her guidance and the peace she brought into my life during those challenging times.

Katrin is a remarkable soul – a mother herself, endlessly patient, spirited, calm, and kind, with a wealth of experience. I truly believe every mother or mother-to-be deserves to have someone like Katrin in their life. Her support is not just professional; it's a gift of love and understanding that can transform your motherhood journey."


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